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WoW Smelting (Mining) Guide 1-525 Leveling | Smelting (Mining) Guide!| | World of Warcraft Gold

In this  written guide I'm going to show you how to level Mining 1-525 the easiest and fastest way possible without farming almost at all. You'll mostly be leveling through smelting and will need a budget of around 16,000g. Don't worry though as you'll see in the video you can expect a good portion of that back while most servers will even make a hefty profit. If you have no gold whatsoever, check my Mining Guide: 1-525 Leveling by Farming instead. Please enjoy this Smelting (Mining) Guide: 1-525 Leveling

  • WoW Smelting Guide 1-525 Leveling | Smelting Guide: Updated for Patch 4.1 - Cataclysm
  • Estimated Leveling Time: 2-2.5 hours
  • WoW Smelting (Mining) Guide 1-525 Leveling | Getting Started & Required Mats


  • In the above video and guide below, I'm going to show you how to level Mining 1-525 by Smelting the easiest and fastest (about 2 hours) way possible. A good profession to farm with Mining is Herbalism and some good professions to go with Mining are Blacksmithing,Jewelcrafting, and Engineering. Engineering can help you get extra items when Mining nodes as well.

    • Ok, to get started you'll need some Mining bags. If you don't plan to do a lot of Mining or if you don't have the spare gold, you can always skip this. You may also want to get the gatherer or +5 Mining to help at some points during leveling but it's really not neccesary since you won't be mining much at all. Next, you'll need some mats. To make things easier, I've made a list for you below. Just buy all of these to start or do it as you go. Although, back and forth to the Auction House can waste a lot of time so I suggest just buying them in advance. If you can't get all the mats on your server, try asking in trade or combining this guide with my farming 1-525 and you should be good to go.
    • Required Material:

      Copper Ore x 140 (98g) 
      Tin Ore x 70 (42g) 
      Silver Ore x 30 (120g) 
      Iron Ore x 80 (56g) 
      Gold Ore x 30 (120g) 
      Mithril x 160 (240g) 
      Thorium Ore x 100 (150g) 
      Fel Iron Ore x 260 (1,300g) 
      Adamantite Ore x 100 (300g) 
      Cobalt Ore x 120 (540g) 
      Obsidium Ore x 440 (1,320g) 
      Elementium Ore x 280 (980g): Or 2,200 (7,700g) if you plan to go to 525 by smelting. 
      Volatile Earth x 440 (3,520g): You only need things if you plan to go to 525 by smelting. 

      Total Estimated Cost: 
      1-425: 2,966g - Can start mining Obsidium Ore(425). 
      1-475: 4,286g - Can start mining Rich Obsidium Ore(450) & Elementium Ore(475). 
      1-500: 5,266g - Can start mining Rich Elementium Ore(500). 
      1-525: 15,506g - Can mine everything including Pyrite Ore(525)


      WoW Smelting (Mining) Guide 1-525 Leveling | Smelting (Mining) 1-525

      • Ok, so now that you got all your mats, it's time to start leveling. Find a guard in your faction's major city and ask where the closest Mining trainer is. After you find them, learn Apprentice Mining. From there, smelt up your Copper Ore until you reach skill level 65. Then speak with the trainer and learn Journeyman Mining along with Smelt Tin and Bronze. Smelt all of your Tin Ore x 70 up to 75 and even after greying out then switch to Bronze. Smelt Bronze until you reach skill level 105. Then, learn Smelt Silver and smelt Silver Ore up to 125. Next, learn Expert Mining and Smelt Iron. Then, smelt up your 80 x Iron Ore until reaching skill level 155. At 155, learn Smelt Gold and smelt Gold Ore up to skill level 180. At 180, learn Smelt Mithril and smelt Mithril Ore up to skill level 230. While you're smelting, once you hit skill level 200 or so, learn Artisan Miner and continue smelting Mithril Ore. You have to smelt around 160 Mithril Ore into bars which can be quite time consuming. You're also greying it out which means the last 5 points getting to 230 will take a lot of smelting but you should eventually reach 230 so don't worry about it. Once you hit 230, learn Smelt Thorium. After that, Smelt Thorium into bars up to skill level 285. At 285, learn Master Miner, Smelt Fel Iron, and then smelt Fel Iron Ore up to 325. When you hit 325, learn Smelt Adamantite and smelt Adamantite Ore until skill level 340 or there abouts. If Adamantite Ore isn't on the Auction House, you can skip to the next step and farm it instead.
      • Now that you reached 340 you'll have to mine for 10 points until you hit 350 in Mining. No biggy though as it goes pretty quick. Get a portal to Shattrath and fly over into Nagrand or take the portal and fly from Hellfire. Once in Nagrand, follow the route I have on the map below and make sure to go into any caves that have regular Adamantite nodes. Don't worry about Rich Adamantite unless you're 345 and have your gloves enchanted with plus 5 to Mining.
      • Some people reported in my 1-525 by farming Mining guide that Nagrand lacked nodes which while I've never found that to be the case I trust my veiwers so, if you do have promblems with Nagrand you can hop over to Zangramarsh, Blade's Edge Mountains, or take the portal from Shattrath to Isle of Quel'Danas. I've gone ahead and added those maps below.
      • Once you've hit 350, hearth back to Orgrimmar or Stormwind, see your trainer, learn Grand Master Miner, and Smelt Cobalt. Then, smelt Cobalt up to skill level 375. It's ok if you don't reach 375 since you're going to have to farm a little now anyway. Next, take the zep or boat to Borean Tundra in Northrend and follow the route I have laid out on the map below until you reach skill level 400. It'll probably take 20-25 minutes or about two, two and a half laps.
      • After you hit 400, cross over into Sholazar Basin and start following the route I have on the map below. Sholazar Basin is a pretty peaceful place these days and shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes which is around two laps.
      • After you hit 425, your hearth should be off cooldown so head back to the Mining trainer in Org or Stormwind.
      • Once back in town, learn Illustrious Grand Master Miner, Smelt Saronite, and Smelt Obsidium. Then, smelt Obsidium Ore until reaching skill level 475. This takes a crazy 440 ore so if you just wanted to be able to level Mining or farm in Cataclysm zones, you can stop here and check my website for some great farming routes that'll help you level and make gold at the same time. If your goal is maxing out Mining in town before heading out then stick with this video until you reach 525 in Mining or there abouts. After you hit 475, learn Smelt Elementium and decide if you want to continue or just go out and Mine. 475 to 500 isn't so bad but requires 280 Elementium Ore plus or minus to get to skill level 500. If you plan to smelt your way up to 525, you should smelt 2,200 Elementium Ore instead or buy the difference in Elementium Bars, if you don't feel like smelting so many. If you decide to buy the bars, rather than smelt them, you'll need to buy 960 plus or minus to go from 500-525. It gets extremely expensive at this point but also can be very profitable. On my server I make a nice chunk of gold by smelting Hardened Elementium but other servers may not be so lucky. Check yours to see how it would do and decide if you should just go to Uldum and mine 500-525 or sink the gold into leveling it by smelting instead. If you're going to farm it, check my website for some routes. Ok, so anyone wanting to smelt up to 525, go ahead and smelt 110 Hardened Elementium Bars or until you reach 525 in Mining.
      • WoW Smelting (Mining) Guide 1-525 Leveling | Gold Back in Profit!

        • Ok, so after a little over two hours, I finally hit 525 in Mining. Grats to everyone who hit or will hit 525 as well. The last thing you wanna do is list everything you smelted and mined up and see how much gold you made. I'll list everything for 12 hours undercutting any competition.
        • Alright so after a few days everything sold and looks like no matter where you stopped leveling you should break even or make a little bit gold. Anyone who stuck with it until 525 may have gotten a big surprise to see how much gold could be made with just smelting Hardened Elementium Bars. It takes a little bit of time but is super easy to do and well worth the effort. Smelting Pryite Ore into bars can sometimes have the same affect along with others ores as well so check your server's Auction House to see how you can make bank by hitting a smelt button once and going afk to munch on some snacks. Yep, it's that easy.

          Smelted Mats: 
          Copper Bar x 70 = 70g 
          Bronze Bar x 140 = 196g 
          Silver Bar x 30 = 180g 
          Iron Bar x 80 = 56g 
          Gold Bar x 30 = 24g 
          Mithril Bar x 160 = 240g 
          Thorium Bar x 100 = 150g 
          Fel Iron Bar x 130 = 1,235g 
          Adamantite Bar x 50 = 400g 
          Cobalt Bar x 60 = 288g 
          Obsidium Bar x 220 = 1,760g 
          Elementium Bar x 140 = 1,330g Or 0g if went to 525 through smelting. 
          Hardened Elementium Bar x 110 = 20,350g Or 0g if you stopped at skill level 500. 
          Total: 24,949g 


        • Farmed Up Mats:

        • Adamantite Ore x 17 = 51g 
          Primal Earth x 2.3 = 6.9g 
          Fel Iron Ore x 9 = 45g 
          Cobalt Ore x 78 = 351g 
          Saronite Ore x 72 = 144g 
          Eternal Earth x 3 = 15g 
          Eternal Water x 1.6 = 19.2g 
          Eternal Shadow x 0.8 = 4.9g 
          Total: 637g 

          Total Gold Back: 
          1-425: +2,839g(smelting) +637g(farming) -2,966g = 510g 
          1-475: +4,599g(smelting) +637g(farming) -4,286g = 950g 
          1-500: +5,929g(smelting) +637g(farming) -5,266g = 1,300g 
          1-525: +24,949g(smelting) +637g(farming) -15,506g = 10,080g

        • Grats WoW Gamer again on 525 in Mining and I hope this written guide were helpful. A good profession to farm with Mining is Herbalism and some good professions to go with Mining are Blacksmithing,Jewelcrafting, and Engineering. Engineering can help you get extra items when Mining nodes as well. Check my navigation to the left for guides on all professions as well as the best routes for Mining to make bank with. Finally, you can check out the forums for more tips and tricks as well as ask questions about anything you wish to know.

          Thanks for watching & reading^^!


          "Now Go Smelt to Profit or Something!"

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